Album cover with painted portraits of Gene Pitney and Neil Sedaka in relaxed pose

Neil Sedaka

Michael did a wonderful job and I am pleased to have contributed.

Dave McGrath who ran Gene Pitney’s Fan Club and merchandising

Michael’s book was a quick and fun read.  I worked closely with Gene for 21 years (1985 – 2006) —and— I learned some things from this book that I never knew. While I was a lifelong Fan of Gene’s —even when I worked with him— I was never a real serious collector of records and memorabilia nor did I have a decided interest in knowing the minutia of Gene’s life and career.  Gene and I were first and foremost business partners as well as great friends. Having said that, I want to make it clear that this book will still surprise and enlighten serious Pitney-philes and it tells Gene’s story quite well to the average fan, too.  Michael has a nice collection of photos he used for the book and a remarkable discography.

I am so glad Michael undertook the effort to put this book together and make it available. It takes great resolve, discipline and ambition to write a book. I know because I am working on three different Pitney book projects! I applaud him on his book. As I told him when he contacted me about writing an essay for the book, “The more books about Gene available to the public the better.”

Maxine Gray, Christchurch, New Zealand

Charting The Life Of Gene Pitney is a book that needed to be written. Thank you for keeping this legend’s name and music alive. For me, a big highlight was reading the many comments from Gene Pitney. It was like hearing from the man himself. I was aware of most of what was written but to read what Gene had to say about his songs and music was a wonderful thing especially comments about the recording of Every Breath I Take, my favourite song.

I have just been listening to the interview on your very interesting website. Very impressive. Thank you again.

Sue Slater, New York State

Being an “old timer” (75), I have started listening to my Gene Pitney records and CDs lately (I had forgotten how “addicted” I was to his voice back in the ’60s!) and find I still love his sound. I am interested to find out what I can about him…..I finished your Gene Pitney biography – really enjoyed it! Loved the pictures – excellent quality. The paper quality is very nice. I especially liked the listings of the compositions, the Touring and Holidays and the e-mail! You depicted Gene as the guy next door who worked hard, honed his craft and reached fame but remained grounded. Thanks for writing the book.

Judith Onions, Staffordshire, England

A beautiful book, beautifully written about a beautiful man. I hope all fans see this book.

Cyril Maud, Somerset, England

The most informative book I have read in my life.

Irene Gazdziak

It’s a fantastic book! So many interesting facts about Gene, plus wonderful pictures!

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