Order direct from author

Ordering the book “Charting the life of Gene Pitney” from Michael Turner can be done in any of several ways. Whichever way you choose you will need to provide your name and postage address. You may also like to request that Michael autograph your copy or that he write a dedication in it.

Payment can be by PayPal, by bank transfer, by cash (GBP) in a signed-for envelope, or by UK postal order. Whichever payment method you use, the book will be dispatched within 72 hours of receipt of payment.

The basic price of the book is £15. You will need to add an amount for delivery and if you pay by PayPal an additional amount to cover PayPal’s charges. Please use the table below to calculate the full price.

DestinationBook priceDeliveryTotal
(GBP £)
PayPal Total
(GBP £)
Rest of Europe15.0011.0026.002.6028.60
Africa, Asia
Australia & NZ15.0014.0029.002.9031.90

Note: The total price of the book and delivery purchased through PayPal includes a separate “PayPal charge”. If you wish to pay by a means other than PayPal you may use the lower total price without that charge applied.

If you wish to pay using PayPal, when PayPal prompts for “Name, email or mobile number” please enter MTurner217@aol.com.


If you wish to pay by bank transfer (BACS) please email MTurner217@aol.com to request our account number and sort code.

If you wish to pay by cash or postal order, please send your order and details of any special requirements to:

Michael Turner
7 Rosewood Avenue
United Kingdom

Thank you for perpetuating the memory of Gene Pitney