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Charting The Life of Gene Pitney

by Michael Turner

Gene Pitney in an easy chair
Gene Pitney in 1998

At long last, thirteen years after the passing of the much-loved Gene Pitney in 2006, Michael Turner has written the first full-length biography of this legendary, international singer-songwriter with the distinctive voice. Michael set out to write a booklet but when superstar Neil Sedaka wrote the foreword, the process of compilation assumed greater heights, which put pressure on Michael.

“When my other pop hero surprised me by positively responding to my request during the embryonic stage of writing, I had to produce a book that eventually reached 126 pages, bearing 50,000 words of solid, factual text that was worthy of Neil’s support and a quality publication that he would be pleased to read.” Neil did in fact read the book and stated: Michael did a wonderful job and was glad that I contributed.

Furthermore, Michael collected contributions from: top fans who Gene had invited to his home; his American musical director Gary Rue; support act, Australian singer Rodney Vincent who recorded two songs with Gene; and the administrator of Gene’s International Fan Club, David McGrath. To embellish significantly the text, there are 84 photographs, all taken by Michael since 1984, except for six provided by Gary and one of Gene’s sons. These include Gene with the Rolling Stones, reading a comic to his son, Chris Pitney circa 1972 and during a concert rehearsal. Gene admired Michael’s photograph collection enough to use two pictures for two of his concert tour programmes. Michael’s photographic input not only included images of the singer on stage, it included candid shots at fan club conventions and most unexpectedly, a series of pictures that he took in Gene’s home!

Another of the book’s strengths is the inclusion of the most concise yet comprehensive discography ever assembled. Due to Michael’s relationship with Gene, the information-packed and lively text will educate, entertain and inform both the uninitiated reader and the most ardent Pitney fan. The final dimension in learning about Pitney was the collection of e-mails that Gene sent to the author. This accurate, colourful, luxuriously produced book comprising silk paper with pictures scattered throughout, pays a fitting tribute to the great life of this consummate recording artist and concert performer.

This book is a must for all fans. These previous customers have been delighted with their acquisition.

“The most informative book I have read in my life.” (Cyril Maud, Somerset, England)

“A beautiful book, beautifully written about a beautiful man. I hope all fans see this book.” (Judith Onions, Staffordshire, England)

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The book that Charts the Life of Gene Pitney.

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